BA Honours- Psychology, University of Wales, University College Swansea, 1976
PGCE-(for Primary Schools)- Manchester University, 1984
NLP Practitioner Certificate-Mind training Systems, 2014
NLP Coach Practitioner-Mind training Systems, 2014
Practitioner of Time Line Therapy- Mind training Systems, 2014
Practitioner of Hypnosis- Mind training Systems, 2014
Science of Happiness Certificate (GG101x)- Berkeley University USA, 2015
CSA Master Coach Certified Training, 2016
.b Certified Trained Teacher-Mindfulness in Schools Project, 2016

Recent Training

2016 (October) Teacher of Mindfulness in Secondary Schools, MiSP
2016 (August) Su Winsbury Wellbeing Practitioner
2016 (August) Transforming Lives Course, Gabrielle Anya Rafello (Working with Sensitive Children at the Koorana Centre, Ardingly, Sussex)
2016 (February-ongoing) Coaching Teenagers and their Families- Ronit Baras, Australia
2016 (May) Greg Suart Business Coach & Advisor
2016 (January) MasterCoach-Vicky & Tony Vee
2015 - 2016 Happenista Clarity Coaching Project for Women with Jenny Garrett (Women's Coach of the Year 2014)
2014 (July) Auspicium NLP- David Key
2014 (June) Mind training Systems- Catherine Jackson, Colin McKay
2014 (Feb) Gwiz NLP- Learning Partnership-Melody & Joe Cheal
2013 (March) NLP- Toby & Kate McCartney
2012 (Jan) NLP Excellence-John & Bernadette Cassidy-Rice